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Types of „facebook animals“: Which one are you?

There are people out there, that have to be on facebook even tho they dont want to. Its in their work subscription. (I am one of them) But how many people are like that? I am not afraid to say, that most of the people are facebook addicts. They use social media basically until unconscious. And with these type of facebook zombies I found out some types of users.

Liker - Likes everything that he finds attractive, plus things he doesn´t like that much, also statuses and pictures that he or she should like so they can be. If you find yourself here, please hit a like button at the end of this article. Thank you!

Selfie ego - Facebook malaria that doesn´t have a potential cure. Fortunately, mostly common with woman. But upload a selfie at a morning, then one with lunch and third one to say „good night“ is little bit too much. With motto „The better duckface, the more sexy I get“ beauties present themselves day after day. Darlings, less is sometimes more!

Foto ego - If someone makes a Photo with a big P, not just a P...ucked up thing..thann OK. Something interesting, or beautiful in its own way, it can always find admirers. But take a foto of foodie, that looks like someone already ate, not by a chance...also new shoes, bags, how cute doggy sleeps..awwww...NO!

Spamer - „Look at this,“ „amazing article“ or „Awsome video“...and so on...and so on until everyone gets sick of it, or until they kick you out of friends list. If someone likes a certain content, they can be happy, but quietly behind monitor. But but for God's sake why to push it to the others? I guess put two or three per day is maximmum, but ten? Really?

Statusman - It doesn´t matter what the status will be about, it just have to be out there. Even if this would lead to an open fracture of the hand. From saying: Good morrning, through food, day plan,..anything. Just not be forgotten, otherwise they fall to the bottom of Facebook discs. By word: Horrible.

Creative one - Sadly there is just a minimum people that have a gift to create interesting works, not just to copy. When they make a photo, text it´s pleasure to discover.

Silent watcher - He watches, has fun and show only in the moment, when there is somenthing that really gets him. Most of the time he has a demanding tastes for other posts. He loves to look at cretive ones and once in a while gives them credit.

Fcbk ignorant - Even tho he has his own account, he´s not convinced about it. Its most likely that someone made him to make an account due to old friend and former classmate. Leave him a message on facebook is about that effective as sent a letter through Ethiopia.

Total fecal buthead - Main thing is to have in friendslist all the superiors and bosses. Then they comment till we want to throw up. „Honey, you so pretty in here,“ „You look amazing“ „Nice taste Boss“...and shit like that. Thats how butheads try to make a good impression. Their abilities are worth a natural Nutella ( without nuts) so they try to look good like that. Poor and thank God for selfie bitches.


The original Slovak version: Typy „fejsbúkových živočíchov“: Ktorý z nich si ty?

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